22nd September 2018

Melbourne Town Hall

Project Manager:
Farhan Byna Nur Rahman
(+61 411 809 770)


Kevin  Reynaldo Yonathan

(+61 434 057 725)


PPIA Monash University proudly organises Soundsekerta each year with the aim of increasing the awareness of Indonesian heritage values for Indonesian students. Established in 2007, Soundsekerta has always been presented with different themes every year that are associated with arts and culture. With target audiences of more than 1,000 people, Soundsekerta is recognized as one of the biggest Indonesian Music Festivals in Melbourne.

In this year’s Soundsekerta, Monash University Indonesian Student Association (ISA) will present Soundsekerta 2018 “Serenade for The Nation”, a music festival with its main objective to instill and cultivate the belief that Indonesia can be as great as other countries, through exposing the greatness of Indonesian music to the audience, through musical performances, web series, as well as mini-drama.

We gather talents from all over Indonesia and intend to bring them to Melbourne, so amazing acts and voices get to reach the people in Melbourne. We hope that through Soundsekerta, we are able to share Indonesian arts, culture, as well as talent and ultimately raise awareness to Indonesian students so that they never forget their roots and where they come from. We hope our performances also get to inspire others as well.