Greetings from PPIA Monash

Greetings to you all! Welcome to the official Indonesian Student Association in Australia (PPIA) Monash University website.

PPIA Monash University is a subsidiary of PPIA Victoria, which is a place where Indonesian students of Monash University can actualize themselves through organisational work. 
In all our stewardships, PPIA Monash University hopes to become a positive Indonesian organization at Monash University to help build a community that helps each other, both with members and other organizations in Melbourne and Indonesia. PPIA Monash would like to build a positive culture, by being a forum for members to channel their interests and talents, and also by being a bridge between members and other organizations.
PPIA Monash University annually presents comprehensive events for all members. Our events have such diverse themes such as Soundsekerta, Australia Indonesia Business Forum (AIBF), eSports, Community Sports and more. All information can be viewed in our Event section and social media; Instagram (@ppiamonash) & Facebook (PPIA Monash)
Thank you for your kind attention and hope to meet you all at PPIA Monash events, best regards from PPIA!

Andrew Christian Santoso
President of PPIA Monash 2017/2018

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